For Ministry Workers – Gatherings of people in similar fields of ministry will be held in various locations across Melbourne on the Thursday that the conference opens.
Those who indicate their interest in one of these network gatherings will be contacted with more details prior to the conference.

Unless Otherwise indicated Network Gatherings will run from 10am – 4pm.

Network Gatherings and Facilitators

1. Mission Networks / Fresh Expressions

A master-class with Frog Orr-Ewing exploring how to be missional and creative within Anglican parishes and structures. This will be an opportunity for discussion, reflection and challenge as each participant applies the content to their own context.

Facilitator: Frog Orr-Ewing
Local Hosts: Steve & Jenny Sonneman
Location: Bethany International Church (Bethlehem room upstairs) 37 Ballantyne St, South Melbourne

2. Spiritual Friendships for Single People
Over the last several decades, with the appearance of legalized same-sex marriage in many Western countries and more vocal advocacy for LGBTQ persons in secular society as well as in the Christian churches, pastors and other Christians have faced increasing challenges about how best to respond to these cultural shifts. Speaking from their personal experience as well as from deep wrestling with the Bible’s teaching on marriage and singleness, Wesley Hill and Tom Pugh will offer insight into these challenges, discussing the possibility of faithful single life, practices of friendship and hospitality, and what Christian ministry might look like in a post-closet world.
Facilitators: Wes Hill & Tom Pugh
Local Host: Stephen Hale
Location: Bethany International Church ((Berea room upstairs) 37 Ballantyne St, South Melbourne
3. Ordination Candidates

This session is for people who are planning for or considering ordination in the Anglican Church. It will be an opportunity to consider the shape of gospel leadership for the future and how best to prepare for it.
Facilitators/ Local Hosts: Brian Rosner, Richard Trist, Rhys Bezzant, Anthea McCall, ABp Glenn Davies
Location: Ridley College, Babbage Learning Centre
** Commencing at 9.30 am

4. Cross Cultural Ministers
An opportunity for those involved in cross-cultural ministry to connect and learn from one another. Within the day we will reflect on tensions between HUP and multi-cultural models of ministry

Facilitator / Local Host: David Williams
Location: St Andrew’s Hall 190 The Avenue, Parkville
5. Retired but Active Ministers

After many years of Gospel service, what does it look like to support and encourage the local Church while also faithfully nurturing our own spiritual life?  An opportunity to gather and share insights together.

Facilitator: Peter Brain
Local Host: John Harrower
Location: Bethany International Church (Corinth Room upstairs) 37 Ballantyne St, South Melbourne
6. Emerging Leaders

In 2014 EFAC Australia hosted a national Emerging Leaders Conference in Melbourne. Those in attendance found it both challenging and edifying. Our goal is to replicate this with ongoing opportunities beyond this AFC to gather and be encouraged by one another. This network would be suited to those in their first five years of active ministry. As such, it is not limited to one particular context.

Facilitators: Adam Cetrangolo, Chris Swann & Julie-anne Laird
Local Host: Adam Cetrangolo
Location: St James Old Cathedral Conference Room, 2 Batman St, West Melbourne

7.Pastors of Smaller Churches
The day will include:
Time to connect with and hear from other people like you from around Australia
A session on factors affecting smaller churches in different contexts (including rural) – with Mark Short (National Director, BCA)
A discussion on smaller churches and the role of the leader – facilitated by Stephen Carnaby

Facilitators: Stephen Carnaby, Mark Short
Local Hosts: Angela Cook and Andrew Esnouf
Location: Bethany International Church (Bethel room – next to main auditorium) 37 Ballantyne St, South Melbourne

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Ridley is an evangelical college that promotes a Christ-centered, bible-based Christianity. Our denominational heritage in Anglicanism shapes our culture and worship, while we welcome people from a diverse range of denominational backgrounds and embrace the richness of various evangelical traditions.

Compassion is an inter-denominational Child Development Ministry operating in 25 countries in the developing world.  We are Christ-centred, child-focused, and church-based in our operation, and our mission is to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.  We currently have 1.8 million children in sponsorship, whom we feed, clothe, educate, and share the Gospel with, through our almost 7,000 local evangelical church partners in the developing world.

Barnabas Fund is an international humanitarian aid organisation providing hope and aid for persecuted Christians facing injustice and discrimination. Its objectives are threefold; to inform other Christians about the situation of their suffering, to facilitate informed prayer, to provide assistance via support for practical projects. Barnabas Fund also acts as an advocate for suffering Christians when so requested by them.

Anglican Aid works in partnership with individuals and churches in Australia to support local community leaders in developing countries to:

  • break cycles  of  poverty, abuse, exploitation and neglect;
  • train  future  leaders  in  needy world communities;
  • voice Christian concern on issues of  poverty,  injustice,  compassion, generosity and world need;
  • building  partners’  capacity 

Anglican Aid works only with likeminded churches and Christian partners in over 25 countries.

The Church Missionary Society of Australia (CMS) is a fellowship of Christian people and churches committed to global mission. We encourage people to get involved in cross-cultural mission through one of our six branches across Australia.
We work with churches to set apart, equip and support long-term workers who cross cultures to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The world is growing and changing rapidly, but the gospel of Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Anglican Overseas Aid is an overseas relief and development agency of the Anglican Church of Australia. Our work is inspired by the gospel of Christ, with a vision for a peaceful, just and sustainable world for all. We believe that everyone has an important part to play in making abundant life a reality for all people. That’s why we’re passionate about working with communities all over the world so they can lift themselves out of poverty. We work with Anglican and like-minded agencies to create and strengthen partnerships in developing countries to overcome poverty, injustice and disaster.

St Hilary’s is a network church currently consisting of three Sites. We are an Evangelical Anglican church and part of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. We are a diverse community of people incorporating all ages and stages of life.

As a community we want to live out our mission to make, mature and mobilise disciples of Jesus Christ.

ARDFA partners with Anglican parishes and like-minded agencies in Australia and in emerging and developing countries to relieve poverty and disability and, when possible, to provide emergency relief.

Bush Church Aid has a heart for people living in remote and regional Australia. We are committed to going the distance to reach Australia for Christ. In partnership with Anglican Dioceses across the country, Bush Church Aid places committed and gifted Christians in a variety of locations to help people connect with the grace of God revealed in Jesus.

In an increasingly secular culture, ISCAST is at the cutting edge of the conversation about the reasonableness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are a network of Christians, from students to distinguished academics, exploring the interface of science, technology, and faith. With believers throughout history, ISCAST stands for the harmony of science and Christianity.

ISCAST engages publicly on matters of science, faith and apologetics – within the church and in the secular space – by offering resources and speakers, and by partnering with like-minded groups.

SparkLit advances God’s Kingdom by empowering Christian writers, publishers and distributors.
We make Christian books available, accessible and affordable where commitment is strong but support and resources are scarce.
We stimulate life-changing Christian writing. Our strategy is to direct funds, expertise and energy to publishers where indigenous Christian writing is needed most. As a result, lives, communities and cultures are transformed as people discover Jesus in a way that’s authentic and culturally meaningful.